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Belgian Fine Technology (BFTI) is a Belgium based company specializing in:

• technology transfer for new products based on alcoholic drinks (beer, cider, ...
and softdrinks

selling flavours, single juices and concentrates for the food and beverage industry.
BFTI represents in the Benelux the French company AROMATECH, producer of
a vast range of

• organic flavours - NOP
• natural flavours
• nature-identical flavours
• artificial flavours

For all application sectors in the food-processing industry: beer, softdrinks,
ice cream, biscuits, pastry, confectionery, savoury products.
Aromatech also developes flavours for animal feed.

Product certifications: kosher - halal - organic/NOP.

• advice on and sales of enzymes and ingredients (e.g. sweeteners) for the beverages industry

• advice on and sales of gallotannins in a broad application field as beer, textiles, flocks, ink etc.

• sales of hop products

• exporting Belgian authentic beers (including gluten free beers)

In cooperation with several universities BFTI acts as a center of excellence in
shelf-life for beer and other beverages.

• Certification of organic products - distributor BE-BIO-01

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